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Frozen Moments

February 22, 2009 at 09:33 PM

Illinois hunting and fishing

Perfect conditions for ice waterfalls to form at Starved Rock State Park this winter also made great picture opportunities.

Illinois hunting and fishing

Nearly two-dozen climbers were signed in at the park ranger station to climb ice falls like the one in Wildcat Canyon (above and below).

Illinois hunting and fishing

Anytime a rare circumstance presents itself, photographers should take full advantage and shoot a wide variety of pictures for publication immediately and for the future. The chance to photograph the falls may not automatically come next winter, as weather conditions have to be just right.

Illinois hunting and fishing

Consider using a wide variety of lenses and angles - and don’t forget to shoot detail photos such as the special climbing boots and crampons shown above.

Look at each scene several different ways. The idea is not only to get one great shot, but to get many shots that can be published again and again.

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